Without any daunt  Android is the most favorite OS in the world As it has acquired ore than 70% of market share. the real reason behind the success of android is that it is cheaper than Blackberry, Apple and Microsoft. so guys we've brought today for you in this post some interesting facts about Android.

1. Android was not a Google's Idea, Andy Rubin the founder of Android Inc. Andy founded the company in October 2003 to offer a new kind of mobile platform to the users. Google bought the company in the year 2005 and hired Andy Rubin to head the Android.

2. The first ever mobile handset to run Android was the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 as UK 
users may remember it. 

3. Google’s Android logo derived from the Atari Game called “Gauntlet - The Third Encounter”. Or at least it seems so, looking at this comparison picture. 

4. Microsoft Earns $5 To $15 From Every Android Device Sold. Microsoft makes money from every Android manufacturer, earning more money on Android than on it’s Windows Phone OS. Google unlawfully used technology from Oracle, Microsoft and others when creating its Android and Chrome operating systems, leaving its vendor partners exposed. So all top 20 Smartphone vendors in the worlds has signed an agreement to pay royalty to Microsoft on every device sold. The annual revenue generated by Microsoft collected by royalty is whooping $2 Billion

5. Android 3.0 was the only version to never run on phones.

6. Human with a robot appearance is the meaning of the word Android.  It refers to a male robot. Gynoid is the female looking robot.

7. The names of the Android versions are based on deserts are base on sweets starting from "C" it ends at "M"
  1. Cupcake [1.5].
  2. Donut [1.6].
  3. Eclair [2.0–2.1].
  4. Froyo [2.2–2.2.3].
  5. Gingerbread [2.3–2.3.7].
  6. Honeycomb [3.0–3.2.6].
  7. Ice Cream Sandwich [4.0–4.0.4].
  8. Jelly Bean [(4.1–4.3.1].
  9. KitKat [4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2].
  10. Lollipop [5.0–5.1.1].
  11. Marshmallow [6.0].

8. Android till date have attained more than 1 billion activations.

9. Android Apps are created in actually a mix of 2 languages - XML for the layout and Java for the app logic.

10. Google launched Android operating system in November 5, 2007, which is a Linux based software system.

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