How To Stay Online All Time In WhatsApp and FB Messenger With Android{TRICK}

Hello Friends, In This Post I’m Going To Show You How Can You Make Your Whatsapp And Facebook Status Always Online From Simple Settings. This Is Very Simple To Stay Online Always Which Is Very Cool Idea So Lets Start This New Trick.

Make Whatsapp & FB All Time In Android Phone Without Any App
1. Make Sure You Are Running The Latest Version Of Whatsapp On Your Phone If Not Then Update Your Whatsapp From Playstore 

2. Then Go To Your Phone Settings => Display => Screen Timeout. 

This Option May Be Different On Your Phone. But, You Have To Select The “Screen Turns Off Automatically” Option.

3. Now Choose “Never” Option.

4. Now Your Mobile Screen Will Never Go To Sleep, Unless You Press The Lock Button.

5. Now Connect With Your Data Network Or Wifi Network.

6. Now Open Your Whatsapp Or Messenger App And Leave Your Android Mobile.

Your Screen Stays On, Then Your “Last Seen” Also Stays Online. 

How To Make FB Messenger Online All Time In Android With Android App

This Is A Simple Androaid That Keeps Your Screen When Your Device Is Running Whatsapp And Facebook Messenger App Even If You Don’t Know How To Find Screen Timeout Settings On The Android Phone.
Your Screen Will Never Go Back To Sleep Until You Want It To…

By This Method, You Can Easily Stay Online All The Time And Fooling Them That You Are Still On Chatting With Someone Else. J J J J

Note: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial

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