Out of over A Billion active users of Facebook a fairly large amount of people use it just for messenger service,a free messaging service which is fast, light weight and has material design. The few other improvements like Voice calling just like WhatsApp. Facebook messenger is really an very useful App for chatting with friends, sharing photos and emoticons and it also saves a lot of time in comparison of visiting "". The best feature about this App is don't have to log in and log out, once you logged in that's it. 
But guys in this post I'm gonna talk about some hidden tips and trick related to Facebook messenger you never know

1. Mute chat Notifications - 

Facebook messenger's constant chat notifications can be really annoying as it sometimes disturbs you while work and could even affect your privacy. Thankfully there is a solution available for this, you can mute your chat notifications for specific time period, for doing this you tap and hold on conversation >Mute Notifications and specify our desired time period in which you want to mute the notifications.

2. Play chess - 

Yes guys you can play chess with the you're actually chatting. All you have to do is write a hidden command, which is @fbchess play and send to you're friend. After doing this an chess board will automatically appear in your screen. You can also choose your own color by writing "White" or "Black" after the command.

3. Play Basket Ball - 

To play Basket ball with your all you have to do is send a Basket ball emoji to friend or group and a Basket and ball will appear on your screen and to to shoot the basket ball you to slide your thumb on the screen. After scoring it will show points on your screen.

4.  Create short cuts to quickly acces chat - 

If their are certain contacts air fiends with whom you ant to talk frequently, you can simply pin them in your home screen. All you have to do is tap and hold the conversation to create shortcut of their specific contacts, You are done you have pinned that contact successfully.

5. Disable Chatheads -

It is an awesome experience to chat with chat heads. It makes chatting very easy, fun and make it less boring but if you feel that the chat heads are annoying then you can easily disable that. To disable chat heads just go to "Settings" and then untick "Chat Heads" option.

6. Change conversation color -

The default white and blue color combination is good but it is in upto the mark and its gets boring after a while. Nothing can be done with the white color but the blue can be change with variety of colors. Different colors can be use with different contacts while chatting. To change the conversation color click on Option >Colors > Then choose any particular colos you like.

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