Hacker is a term used by some to mean "a clever programmer" and by others, especially those in popular media, to mean "someone who tries to break into computer systems.


Hackers are divided mainly into three categories, Black-Hat Hackers, White-Hat Hackers and Grey-Hat Hackers.

White-Hat Hackers -

white hat hacker is a computer security specialist who breaks into protected systems and networks to test and asses their security. White hat hackers use their skills to improve security by exposing vulnerabilities before malicious hackers can detect and exploit them.

Black-Hat Hackers -

black hat hacker is an individual with extensive computer knowledge whose purpose is to breach or bypass internet security. Black hat hackers are also known as crackers or dark-side hackers. The general view is that, while hackers build things, crackers break things..

Grey-Hat Hackers -
A white hat hacker is a computer security expert who specializes in penetration testing in order to ensure a network system is safe from black hat hackers. These ethical hackers generally test and defend against attacks. Grey hat hackers do not seek personal gains or have malicious intentions.

Script Kiddies -

In programming culture a script kiddie or skiddie (also known as skid, script bunny, script kitty) is an unskilled individual who uses scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks, and deface websites.

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