Hey guys i'll teach you how to disable any fb id 

in 1 minute

so lets start

  • Step 1 : Open Victms PROFILE

  • Step 2 : open a new tab in google chrome bypressing 

cntrl + shift + N

  • Step 3 : MaKe a New AccOunT In yaHoo and fb and 

name must be as same as victims account

  • step 4 : when u r making account with victims name
make sure u r putting each and every information and 

info that victims account have like date of 

birth,college,city etc everything

  • step 5 : copy the profile picture and cover photo of victiM

account and put those in ur fake account and send only 1 
req to any person ( send req to ur real account the account 
in ur use) and now when victim accepts ur req then make 
sure u do ur friends to only me(important step)

  • step 6 : now open your fake account from any 
browser and go to ur victim link and click on report and 

then click (keep clicking) " its pretending to be or 

someone i know" and then submit now after submitting 
victims id will be disabled in 1 minute ( make sure u put each 

and every information  right )

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