In this post, we’ll tell you How to Hack Windows 7 Administrator or User Password. You’ve buy a new PC with Windows 7 . Windows won’t boot straight up,  and rather you generally get the logon screen and you need to click your username to sign in over and over.

Your neighbour’s buy a new PC with Windows 7 . You wanted to see something in their PC. But their PC is password protected and you need to click your username to sign in over and over.
To over come these type of problems, we’ll show you some methods in hacker ways with which you can get password for windows 7 login screen even when you forgot windows 7 login password. There are two types of account present in Windows 7 by default. First one is the local account and second one is Windows live orHotmail account. The former stores the login on PC, while the latter connects to the online hotmail or live email id.
How to Hack Windows 7 Administrator or User Password

How to Hack Windows 7 Administrator or User Password

While PC couldn’t boot typically , infected with Trojans or malware, you can get rid of them by beginning PC in Windows Safe Mode. That’s what we’re going to do while bypass Windows 7 logon password easily in Safe Mode.
There are 3 different types of safe modes :
  •  Safe Mode
  • Safe Mode with Networking
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt
To begin,  you need to boot Windows 7 in safe mode as it is disabled in normal mode.

Log off or Restart your Windows 7 PC.
Right Before the Windows 7 loading screen appears, Press F8 to enter Advanced Boot Options
From there, Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt followed bpressing EnterFollow these steps.
  • Now Wait for Windows 7 files loading . It’ll take some time to load, so have patience. After loading, Windows login screen comes up.
  • Now, Log in Windows with an administrator account until you see login screen.
  • Now you’ll see a Command Prompt
  • In Command Prompt, Type net user followed by pressing Enter.
  • Now All Windows user accounts will be listed for you.
  • Next type, net user subh4u 12345 followed by pressing Enter.
Note that there is a space between net and user and same with subh4u and 12345 . Please replacesubh4u with your locked Windows user account name or the account you want to hack. “12345” means the new password you want to reset for the locked account.
  • Now the new password has been successfully reset for user you want to hack when the command is executed successfully.
  • Now login with that password

How to Hack Windows 7 Administrator or User Password with Recovery Utility

At the point when no other administrator or password reset disk is available,  it would be better for you to use Windows password recovery utility. It appears to be entirely easy to hack Windows 7 password in the event that you have Win 7 password reset disk.
The recovery utility allows you to burn a password reset disk to bootable USB or CD/DVD ROM, and then take this reset disk to Hack Windows 7 Administrator or User Password.
To perform this hack, follow these steps .
  • First of all, Get Windows 7 Password Genius and install it on any accessible PC or Laptop.
  • Now, ready your bootable USB or CD/DVD ROM and run password recovery utility.
  • Now, Burn password reset disk into bootable USB drive or CD/DVD ROM.
  • Now after burning process, Exit password reset disk from available computer or PC .
  • Insert that bootable USB or CD/DVD ROM  into locked Windows 7 computer.
  • Set computer boot from password recovery disk, USB device or CD/DVD.
  • Now, Select administrator in user list and click “Reset Password” button to remove Windows 7password with disk.
  • That’s it. You’re done now.
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